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Tiger Ecojot Journal


Sumatran tigers are now highly endangered with less than 400 remaining in the wild. This is due to extensive deforestation of their habitat. By purchasing this journal you are supporting Canopy’s work to protect Sumatra’s forests – the wild place these fantastic animals call home.

Ecojot is known for their eye catching journal covers, but what Canopy likes the most is its commitment to protecting habitat by making a sound business choice to print beautiful journals on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Ecojot is doing right by Sumatran Tigers and all the creatures of the Sumatran Rainforest.

The journal is 6 x 8 " (or 15 x 20 cm) and has 80 lined sheets with a perforated edge. Purchasing the Sumatran Tiger Journal supports Canopy's efforts to protect these precious animals and their habitat.

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